Outdoor Leisure


Functional leather of outdoor furniture

The modern living space continues to extend outward, and the outdoor household life is getting more and more appreciated. A reclining chair, two or three pillows, may be able to build a landscape that is surrounded by nature, which shall be a view of the human heart and a luxuriously fresh addition to the outdoor space.

However, the outdoor environment is harsh and changeable, the sun, wind, rain... General fabric products are easy to be suffered with color fading, mildew, surface brittle, or even fracture. The furniture that is designed for outdoor use, in terms of materials, has to be fully considered to withstand the resistance of the natural climate conditions, and it needs to be integrated with a professional R&D technique and special treatment process, to keep it rain-proof, moisture-proof, anti-rot, anti-corrosive, and anti-ultraviolet.

Our outdoor furniture leather series contains more than 200 colors and more than 20 exquisite patterns. From tweed with retro elements, futuristic sense of carbon fiber, to deep interpretation of traditional filigree fabrics, more fabric options provide designers with rich imagination space and modeling elements, and have strong functional characteristics, to make them easy to maintain with long service life. We are the first choice of high-performance fabrics.

Excellent Performance


100% waterproof

Strong water repellent, effectively prevent rainwater infiltration into the inner layer, keep the surface dry and comfortable



Antioxidant solution coloring, through strict weather resistance testing, continuous exposure to strong sunlight without color fading.


Outdoor environment adaptability

We have distinctive manufacturing techniques and excellent ingredients to ensure the quality of the fabric. It has ability to withstand all kinds of weather conditions, and the long time use of the outdoor will not cause peeling and crack, to reach the durability of more than 5 years.


Mildew Proof & Bacteria Resistance

With the function of preventing mildew, it can prevent a variety of bacteria and microorganisms from growing on the surface of the leather, keep clean and healthy after long-term use.


Easy to Maintain

For most of the stain such as daily sunscreen, perspiration, drinks etc., no disassembly clean, keep convenient maintenance.


Beautiful and comfortable

Profusion color, delicate texture, soft like skin tactility, bring warm and comfortable outdoor leisure life experience.


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