Public Spaces


High performance fabrics

in the design field

Outdoor public Spaces are functional and elegant places. People who love life enjoy their natural and relaxing sojourns, or enjoy a wonderful leisure activity outside of everyday life.

For the challenge of outdoor coated fabrics, in addition to the influence of the external climate environment, it is also a problem that people frequently use property. The furniture fabric is durable and easy to maintain, and can create a desired comfort space which can bring people joy and convenience, and attract more and more people to the room.

Our functional fabrics series can provide support for these needs, such as non-fading from the sunshine, non-mildew from the water, anti-fouling and easy to clean, durable from the time. It has both professional characteristics, aesthetic connotation, and focuses on improving the experience of various soft decoration environments.

Excellent Performance


Abrasion scrape resistance

Superior Abrasion Resistance and Scratch Resistance, suitable for public spaces with high density of people and high frequency of use.



Antioxidant solution coloring, through strict weather resistance testing, continuous exposure to strong sunlight without color fading.


Long Lasting

We has a unique manufacturing technique and excellent ingredients to ensure the quality of the fabric. It has ability to withstand all kinds of weather conditions, and the use of the outdoor minister's time will not cause peeling and crack. It can meet the safety of more than 5 years.


The original pattern

Variety, personalized fashion, creating different decorative styles and satisfying innovative functions, is the ideal choice for fashion seats and business architectural space


Stain Resistance

PERMAGUARD ®, proprietary protective coating, effective for most of the stains, can be cleaned by dry towel, can be cleaned and sanitated by alcohol repeated.


Mildew Proof & Bacteria Resistance

With the function of preventing mildew, it can prevent a variety of bacteria and microorganisms from growing on the surface of the leather, keep clean and healthy after long-term use.


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